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  • Idhaya College for Women was founded by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Puducherry in the Jubilee year 2000. It is established to fulfill the vision of the 24th General chapter moulding self - reliant women of our predilection by providing higher education irrespective of caste and creed. The congregation was started in Puducherry in the year 1844. It realizes the absolute need for women's education. It firmly believes that growth in women's education would be instrumental in fostering and raising the quality of family life. The college aims at training the young women of quality and serves the society injustice and love. Every student while attaining knowledge and intellectual vigor strives to shine wonderfully and excel as a perfect model of women hood.
  • The motto of the college is 'Strive to Shine'. The bangled fist that holds the torch is the symbol with a message that women are no more weaker section, they are going to dispel the darkness of ignorance and to literate the whole world and bring out liberation to women from their bondage.
  • They will uphold justice and love to the whole world. The open book at the bottom is "The Bible" the living word of God. It is the book of redemption for the lost mankind. It helps to obtain a new freedom and a new life. Idhaya College functions as self-financing College affiliated to Bharathidasan University. It is approved by the government of Tamilnadu G.O.NO.237. This College follows the syllabus offered by Bharathidasan University.

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