About Us

The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2001. We have produced 486 degree holders till now. Many of our students are working in esteemed Companies, Organizations, Institutions and all. As well as our department has produced self motivated, confident, and talented and smart personalities to the society. We develop our students Communication Skills and Leadership Qualities and every year our students obtain University Ranks. The department consists of experienced and qualified staff members, aims at promoting excellence in teaching and imparting quality education.

B.Sc Course started in the year - 28.07.2001

Reference No : 19411/D1/2000


  • Besides class room lecturers, seminars are conducted for U.G. students on topics related to their syllabus. Staff members guide the students in their preparation and presentation.
  • Class room quiz programmes are conducted by the concerned staff members to assess students understanding and knowledge of their subjects.
  • Remedial courses are conducted for students who could not cope with their syllabus.
  • Vision

    Information Technology motivates the students in various activities to bring out their hidden talents and to improve their communication skills to get better exposure in IT Sectors. To make the students to actively involve in various curricular and co-curricular activities.


  • To enhance Industry Institution interface
  • To conduct National Seminar, organize Science exhibition and to give training for writing competitive exam.
  • To develop useful software through Software Consultancy Cells
  • Various career oriented programmes such as certificate courses to enhance employability
  • Utilize the potentiality of the alumni for training, placement and modernization of lab
  • Strengthen alumni and institution relationship


      • Strengthen alumni and institution relationship.
      • IT consultant. ...
      • Cloud architect. ...
      • Computer forensic investigator. ...
      • Health IT specialist. ...
      • Mobile application developer. ...
      • Web developer. ...
      • Software engineer. ...
      • Information technology vendor manager.
      • Information security analysts.
      • Finance and Banking.
      • Educational Services.
      • Telecommunicator.


    1. 24.8.2002 Association Dr. K. R. Radhakrishnan, Principal of Thiru V.K. College, Thiruvarur.
    2. 30.1.2003 Association Inaugural function Hon. Mr. Manisankar Iyar, M.P (Congress Committee Member)
    3. 11.6.2003 Seminar

    1. Mr. Nichola, M.E., M.C.A., Seminar Examiner in R.E.C. 2. Mr. Joe Irudhayaraj, St. Joseph?s College, Trichy

    4. 24.6.2004 Association Mr. Seetharaman & Mr. Sankara Narayanan, Lecturers, Govt. Arts College, Kumbakonam
    5. 24.6.2006 Association Inaugural function Mr.V. Badrinath, Professor of Commerce and Management Studies
    6. 14.10.2006 Seminar Mr. Rengarajan, Hari Info. Tech, Kumbakonam
    7. 25.7.2007 Association Inaugural function Mr. Manivel, Department of Geology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
    8. 3.6.2007 SeminarASP.Net & VB.Net) Prof. Dr. Manivel, Geology Dept, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
    9. 23.7.2008 Association Inaugural function Mr. Charles Mathan from N-Hit, Software Consultancy, Aduthurai.
    10. 11.8.2008-13.8.2008 Seminar and Workshop Rev. Sr. Cyprian Augustina Mary, Secretary , Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam
    11. 12.4.2008 MAssociation Valedictory Professor in Department of Computer Science, Govt. Arts College, Kumbakonam.
    12. 25.7.2009 Association Inaugural function Mr. Manivel , Department of Geology , Bharathidasan University.
    13. 30.7.2010 Seminar on Grid Computing, Pervasive Computing and Nano Technology Mrs. N. Sundareswari , M.Sc., M.Phil, Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Govt Arts College for women, Kumbakonam .
    14. 8.8.2011 Association Inaugural function

    Mr. N.K. Senthilnath, Managing Director of ACTC, Kumbakonam

    15. 8.8.2012 Association Inaugural function Mr. Srikanth, MBA, Regional Manager of Dream Zone, Kumbakonam
    16. 28.6.2013 Association Inaugural function Dr. M. Revathi M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Principal, Government College for Women(A),Kumbakonam
    17. 9.10.2013 Orientation and Competition Mr. S. Thirumaran, Business Head of NIIT., Kumbakonam.
    18. 27.713 & 29.7.13 Project orientation programme for III years

    Kings, Indian Brains and Spansys.,

    19. 19.3.14 Orientation Programme on the topic Dream Driven Force. Mr. Kumar, Mr. Karthik, Mr. Shanmugam and Ms. Dharunya Reddy
    20. 10.4.2014 Valedictory Mr. Shankaran from Indian Brains, Kumbakonam
    21. 1.8.14 All dept Association Inaugural.

    Dr. K. Shanthi, Principal, Polytechnic college, PRIST University

    22. 18.3.15 Valedictory

    Mr. T. Balachandar, HR, spansys Technologies, Kumbakonam

    23. 10.9.2015

    Exhibition on


    Rev. Sr. C. Jothi Mary, Principal, Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam

    24. 23.9.2015 Inaugural of an EDC cell

    Rev. Sr. C. Jothi Mary, Principal, Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam

    25. 16.3.2016 Work shop on Hardware Assembling

    Mr.S. Jagadesh, System Engineer, Spansys Technology, Kumbakonam

    26. 24.3.2016 Valedictory

    Mr. T. Balachandar, Spansys Technology

    27. 26.7.2016 All department Association Inaugural function

    Dr. K. Palanivel, Principal, Govt Men?s College(AUT), Kumbakonam

    28. 9.8.2016 Seminar on Cloud Computing

    The chief guest Ms. Khairunisha, Asst Professor, Department of Computer Science from Jamal Mohamed college

    29. 30.9.2016 Seminar on Digital Transformation

    Mr. A. Halilul Rehman, Mr. Andrew, Ms. Sasikala, NIIT, Kumbakonam.

    30. 31.3.2017 Valedictory

    Mrs. G. Nirmala Martin, Physical Director, Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam

    31. 26.7.2017 Association Inaugural function

    Dr. Thiruvalluvar, Principal, Govt Women's College, Kumbakonam.

    32. 17.08.2017 Symposium on TECHNOWIZ 17

    Dr. S. Santhosh Kumar, Asst.Prof, Dept of Computer Science, Alagappa University.

    33. 03.10.2017 Workshop on Pyhton

    Mr. Andrew, CSIT, Kumbakonam.

    34. 31.08.2018 TECHNOWIZ-18

    Dr. F. KurusMalai Selvi, GAC, Kumbakonam.

    35. 06.09.2018 National Seminar

    Dr. A. Martin, Dr. K. Nandhini, Central University Of Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur.

    36. 15.02.2019 International Conference

    Dr. T. Velmurugan, D.G. Vaishnav College, Chennai Mr. Paul Arun, CEO, KUDWI Analytics, Chennai.

    37. 19.03.2019 Valedictory

    Mr.C.Ananth, Asst.Prof/ Programmer Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

    38. 12.07.2019 Association Inaugural

    Dr.R.Nagarajan,Principal A.V.C.College, Mayiladuthurai.

    39. 16.08.2019 Technowiz'19

    Mr.M.Soundararajan, Associate Prof,Govt.Arts & Science College, Manalmedu.



    1 30.9.14 SNational level seminar MDr. Nisha Thindil, Mass College of Arts & Science Mrs. M.A. Shanti & Mrs. P. Anusha Presented paper 24 students presented papers
    2 25.2.15 Workshop Mr. P. Bhuvaneshwar Nearly 150 Students.
    3 21.1.2016 to 23.1.16 Workshop Dr.K. Alex 58 Students
    4 16.03.2016 Work shop Mr.S. Jagadesh 58 Students
    5 23.2.2017 State Level Technical Meet WARTECH 62,2K17 Mrs. S. Navitha, Asst.Prof of Computer science from AVC college 50 Students
    6 31.08.2018 TECHNOWIZ-18 Dr. F. KurusMalai Selvi, GAC, Kumbakonam. 560 Students
    7 06.09.2018 National Seminar Dr. A. Martin, Dr. K. Nandhini, Central University Of Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur. 110 Students
    8 15.02.2019 International Conference Dr. T. Velmurugan, D.G. Vaishnav College, Chennai Mr. Paul Arun, CEO, KUDWI Analytics, Chennai. 100 Students
    9. 09.01.2020 One Day International Conference

    Dr.Velmurugan PS, Fulbright Fellow,Deen,School of Commerece and Mgmt,Central University of Tamilnadu,Thiruvarur.

    Mr.Daniel Christopher Vallavaraj, Data Digitalization Expert, AirBus Commercials, Hamburg, Germany.

    Mr.John Praveen, Business Analyst in Learning Centre,Trichy.

    500 Students




      • Department of Information Technology was extablished in the year 2001
      • It offers UG Programmes
      • There are 3 Teaching staff and 1 non teaching staff
      • The department has MoUs with 1 organisation
      • Seminars, Workshops & International Conference were organised
      • Department offers EXNORA services and carry out extension activities
      • Our faculty members have published 6 papers in National and International Journals.
      • So far, we have produced 15 University Ranks & 1 Gold Medal.

    Future Plan

        Our department aims at training the students in the newer technology. We are motivating the students to do real time projects in various domains, which help them to attain good career as well as Leadership Quality. We have planned to organize an International Seminar in the forthcoming years. And also we have planned to conduct many competitions & Workshops.