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    "Kinichiro Sakaguchi"

Department of Microbiology was started in the year 2000 with 14 students and 2 faculty affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Trichy. It has gradually grown from under graduate course to Post graduate and Research level.

The PG Programme was started in the year 2005 and M.Phil Programme in 2007 . 430 UG students , 134 PG Students and 55 M.Phil students have successfully completed their Programme . 28 UG ranks and 18 PG ranks was obtained .


  • The department aims at Academic Excellence , Personality Development ,Leadership ,Systematic and Disciplined Work and Scientific Temper in Students.
  • To provide a platform for young minds to diverge and evolve profoundly in the area of science.
  • Vision

    To enable student community transform themselves to be Scientist, Disease analyser, Quality analyser and researchers whose service will result in healthy India.


    • To present a niche area where the Microbiologists can prove their mettle in the various research centers.
    • To meet the need of the present polluted disease prone environmental situations.



      • Microbiologist
      • Medical pathologist
      • Vaccine Researcher
      • Quality control manager
      • Pharma Researcher
      • Clinical Researcher
      • Lab technician in Microbiology
      • Soil Microbiologist


      • Clinical Microbiologist
      • Microbiologist
      • Molecular biologist
      • Genetic Engineerist
      • Agriculture Microbiologist
      • Medical Microbiologist
      • Vaccine Researcher
      • Pharma Researcher.


    1. 21.8.2001 Neurological Disorders Dr. G. Mani, Psychiatrist,Kumbakonam
    2. 22.8.2003 Women Cell-Eye Camp Ms. R. Krishnaveni, Hod In Microbiology,Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam
    3. 24.6.2004 Youth Red Cross-Micro Association

    Dr. Sarojinivaradappan, Badmasri , Indian Yrc Co-Ordinator, New Delhi

    4. 28.7.2004 Viral Diseases Dr. Cecilia Pandian, Hod In Zoology,Kundhavainachiyar Govt. College, Tanjore
    5. 3.07.2005 Menstrual Disorder Dr. Manjula, Kumbakonam
    6. 01.08 2005 Mushroom Cultivation Ms. R. Krishnaveni, Hod In Microbiology,Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam
    7. 22.8.2005 Vertinary Camp Dr. Mathiazhahan,. Vertinarian,Kumbakonam
    8. 26.8.2006 Vertinary Camp-Artificial Insemination Dr.Sathyavani & Dr. Asokan,Vertinarian,Kumbakonam
    9. 12.2.2007 Bio-Diversity Dr. K. Ayyavu
    10. 27.7.2007 Microbiology Association Health Care Dr. Chitra Vasikaran , Mbbs, Dgo.,
    11. 21.8.2007 Gall Stone Removal Dr. K. Selvaraj,Kumbakonam
    12. 22.7.2008 Nutrition Awareness Programme Dr. S. Vinothagan , St Hospital , Kumbakonam
    13. 22.12.2008 Skin Diseases Dr. Vinnarasan
    14. 29.6.2009 Value Of Education Mr. K. Baranidharan, Asst. Prof In Commerce, Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam
    15. 21.8.2009 Herbs & Its Uses Mr. Vadivel, Asst. Prof In Botany, Gandhigram University,Dindukkal
    16. 8.9.2009 Dental Caries Dr. Sivakumar, Dentistm Kumbakonam
    17. 26.7.2010 Transplantation Immunology MDr. N. Umamaheswari,Asst .Prof In Microbiology,Stet Womens College, Sundarakottai
    18. 13.10.2010 Recombinant DNA Technology

    Dr. M. Kannahi,,Asst .Prof In Microbiology,Stet Womens College, Sundarakottai

    19. 2.3.2011 Commercial Methods In Plant Tissue Culture Dr. K. Karthikeyan,Asst. Prof In Botany, Avvm.Sri Pushpam College, Poondi
    20. 6.4.2011 Industrial Visit-Mushroom Cultivation Dr.Karthikeyan, Plant Pathologist
    21. 6.4.2011 Certified Seed Varieties

    DDr. Shantha, Microbiologist,Central Paddy Breding & Genetic Research Institute, Aduthurai

    22. 17.8.2011 Nutritional Security Through Neglectd & Underutilized Species Cultivated In Tamil Nadu

    Dr. A. Kishorekumar, Scientist, M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, Tanjore

    23. 17.10.2011 Medical Coding

    Mr. R. Giridharan Singh, Medical Coder, Chennai

    24. 17.2.2012 Exhibition-Micropark

    Rev.Sr. Sara Jasmine,The Principal, Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam

    25. 24.8.2012 Micro Herbal Park-Opening Ceremony

    Rev.Sr. Prema Maria Goretti, The Secretary,Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam

    26. 28.6.2015 Seminar-Role Of Microbiologists In Different Field

    Mrs. J.Josephine Novina,Asst. Prof In Physics,Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam

    27. 5.4.2014 Awareness About Sex Education

    Dr. X. Deivakanni,Asst. Prof In Tamila,Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam

    28. 28.12.2014 Exhibition-Microexpo

    TRev.Sr. Sara Jasmine,The Principal, Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam

    29. 27.1.2015 Dental Awareness

    Dr.Balasivagovindhan, Secretary Of Indian Dental Association.

    30. 9.4.2015 Association-Quiz Competition & Paper Presentation On Applications Of Microbiology

    Rev. Sr. Serginamary, The Medical Conselor,Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam

    31. 11.8.2015 Recent Advances In Biotechnology

    Dr. V. Ambikapathy, Asst. Prof In Biotechnology & Zoology, Avvm. Sri Pushpam College, Poondi

    32. 20.1.2016 SMicro Expo On Life Sciences

    Rev. Sr. Sergina Mary, The Medical Conselor,Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam

    33. 30.9.2016 Biodiversity & Environment

    Dr. P. Natarajan, Asst. Prof In Biotechnology & Zoology, Avvm. Sri Pushpam College, Poondi

    34. 14.10.2016 National Seminar & Workshop-Wealth From Waste

    Dr. A. Panneerselvam, Hod Of Microbiology,Avvm. Sri Pushpam College, Poondi

    35. 27.3.2017 Power Of Thoughts

    Dr. Venkatalakshmi, Asst. Prof In Zoology, Govt. College, Kumbakonam.

    36. 9.8.2017 Legal Rights Club-Creating A Positive Sense Towards The Prisoners

    Rev.Fr.Robert; Coordinator Of The Prison Ministry And Rev.Fr. Antony Raj, Assistant Coordinator Of The Prison Ministry, Kumbakonam

    37. 22.8.2017 Biotechnological Applications Of Medicinal Mushrooms

    Dr. V. Ambikapathy, Asst. Prof In Biotechnology & Zoology, Avvm. Sri Pushpam College, Poondi

    38. 18.9.2017 National Seminar- Bioremidiation Of Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil

    Dr. V. Anandhagowri, Hod Of Zoology, Arigner Anna Govt College, Karaikkal.

    39. 18.9.2017 Vermicomposting

    Dr.V. Ramasubramanyan, Hod Of Zoology, Govt. Arts College (Auto),Kumbakonam

    40. 18.9.2017 Vermicomposting

    Dr.P. Sarafoji, Asst. Prof In Zoology, Govt. Arts College (Auto),Kumbakonam

    41. 21.08.2018 One Day Workshop On Apiculture Technique

    Dr.A.Sankari. Msc.M.Phil.Ph.D. Associate Professor Department Of Zoology A.V.C.College. (Auto) Mayiladuthurai.

    42. 10.09.2018 Awareness On Menstral Disorders

    Dr. T.S. Sathyavani. Mbbs, Dgo. Sathyavani Clinic (Specialist In Infertility And Hi Risk Delivery), Kumbakonam.

    43. 05.12.2018 Dengue Awareness Program By Microbiology Staff To School Students

    Dr.R.Krishnaveni. Msc.M.Phil, M.Phil, B.Ed, Ph.D. D.M.L.T, Dr.K.Subha. Msc.M.Phil, Ph.D.

    44. 06.12.2018 Vermicomposting Process

    Dr.R.Krishnaveni. Msc.M.Phil, M.Phil, B.Ed, Ph.D, D.M.L.T,

    45. 18.12.2018 Molecular Techniques in Microbiology

    Dr. G.Muralitharan Asst.Prof. Department Of Microbiology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.

    46. 07.01.2019 Mushroom Cultivation

    Department Staff

    47. 18.02.2019 Validictory Clinical Manifetation Of Tuberculosis And Leprosy

    Dr. S.Yogalakshmi. M.B.B.S Medical Officer, Anbu Hospital, Kumbakonam.

    48. 2.8.2019. Association Alzheimer's Disease Dr.A.Justin Thenmozhi, Asst.Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty Of Science, Annamalai University, Chidambaram
    49. 25.10.2019 Dengue awareness programme Dr.R.Krishnaveni, HOD of Microbiology, and Mrs. K.Priya, Asst. Professor in Micobiology Idhaya College for Women, Kumbakonam





      • The department of microbiology was established in the year 2000.
      • It offer B.Sc.,M.Sc., & M.Phil Programme
      • There are seven teaching staff & two non teaching staff
      • Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lecturer and industrial visit are organized
      • Department offer consultancy services and carries out extension activities for the benefit of the society
      • Faculty members have published 35 papers in national & international journals with impact factor.
      • So far we have produced 34 and 17 university ranks in UG & PG microbiology
      • Three gold medals in UG & two gold medals in PG

    Future Plan

      • Make fund mobilization national and international projects.
      • Lab to land project like vermicomposting society network.
      • Make research collaboration with MOU'S.
      • Effort to make with technology level.
      • To Make a advanced studies in microbiology to establish a tissue culture lab.
      • To establish a mushroom cultivation centre at college campus.
      • To make a campus in microbiology field related.